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Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)


Contrived with the aim of building a vibrant ecosystem for established and inspiring women entrepreneurs, the NITI Aayog-driven Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) is woven around the concept of empowering women. WEP strives to leverage the untapped potential and ideas of women and assist them to realise their entrepreneurship aspirations while expanding their reach and developing sustainable ideas for them to flourish in the world of business.


WEP seeks to unify established and budding entrepreneurs, industry big-wigs, potential partners, and stakeholders under one umbrella and work towards reducing the bottlenecks and paving a smoother path for women to realise their entrepreneurial dreams.

WEP also aims to generate awareness about the various government schemes already in-place for budding female entrepreneurs to scale up their ventures. Additionally, WEP aims to propagate the milestones attained by the platform as well as by the female achievers associated with it, in order to encourage more aspiring individuals and conglomerates to collaborate with the platform and function either as beneficiaries, partners, or even as mentors.


The objectives set by WEP are achieved by creating a comprehensive strategy to develop a strong online presence by gripping the nerves of various social media platforms.

The outreach strategy has been employed with the aim of making the communication from the platform stronger, bigger, and better. Additionally, the drafting of platform website newsletters and announcements related to various associated events is also a vital component.

Developing and designing various campaigns to invoke a call-to-action The handling of email queries and community queries are also steps which stride a step forward towards fulfilling the objective. Also, getting a grip on the online reputation management will enhance the traffic and conversions.


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