Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan and Brie opened its doors with just the apt marketing and branding solutions.

With the cheesiest and yummiest cuisines ever, a premium fast food live kitchen – Brie, has opened its doors in the city of Taj. What makes them unique is their supreme preparation keeping in mind all safety and hygiene measures for those who’re open to multiple food choices and are never afraid to try a new dish!


Brie wanted to have an epic restaurant launch in the city in such a way that it conveys their essence and qualities well. They wanted to have a strong social media presence so that their audience gets to know about all things food that they offer.


360 degree approach adopted to launch the restaurant in the quirkiest way possible
Logo designing, Branding, Menu designing, Tagline to build the right connect with the audience
Social media creatives across social media platforms to strengthen the Brand Identity
Increasing engagement and brand recall value with the help of interactive communication across all social media platforms


  • Branding
  • Store Design
  • Launch Strategy
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