When you wear a House of Tomar outfit, you wear a story.

House of Tomar is a premium ready to wear brand, based out of the city of Taj. A brand that aims at aceing an-all-day-every-occasion dresscode. For every woman who up-scales the game of everyday-fashion, is a HOTonomist.

Offers a line of unique, distinct pieces that experiment with bold design elements and audacious combinations. Forged by a pair of sisters, the gates to the House of Tomar (HOT) have swung open for a legion of independent women.


The brand’s identity clearly states the concept story telling through their clothes. We created a unique space for them on the digital front and built organic growth on social media. We also tried to understand the brand’s ethos and growth of the brand through logical and judicious efforts.

Being a 6-months old startup, the aim was to set an engagement driven social media feed, build a website from scratch and focus on results using measures to increase traffic and engagement and increasing the revenues with programmatic advertising.


Built an engagement driven social media feed.

Insightful spends to increase House Of Tomar’s followers by channelizing their USP.

Expressive and ROI campaigns for the brand.

Structured content for smooth look and feel of the brand’s message.

Built concepts to ensure perfect balance between traditional and modern presence of the brand on all online platforms.

Built from scratch, and managing it till date.


  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Creatives
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Website Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Campaign and Integration
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