Why are companies switching to Digital Marketing?

Why are companies switching to Digital Marketing?

Marketing techniques in the digital world have evolved greatly and consumers are constantly been fed information through radio, TV, and other forms of advertising. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the online world has found more and more ways to further its cause and promote businesses online. As more people spend time only, businesses have a higher chance of performing better.

Why are companies switching to Digital Marketing?

All around the globe, we’re seeing a shift in the way businesses are being promoted. They are getting better are online strategies and hiring specialists for the same to make their businesses flourish. Since a major part of the population now has smartphones, it is easy for businesses to reach them through social media channels and search engines.


Hence, digital marketing strategies have become immensely crucial for online businesses. Enterprises now have to spend a large time trying to figure out their goals, target audience, perfecting their product, and making sure it reaches the consumer in the most efficient way possible.

Audience Targeting

The first thing that a business does while creating a digital marketing strategy is figuring out its target audience. This is based on factors such as age, location, gender, sex, interests, and education.

Digital marketing also allows companies to target potential customers who might be familiar with the brand beforehand. This is done by using various methods and messages. There are now available various tools and certifications that allow digital marketers to perform the best at targetting.

Low Investment, High ROI

Did you know that the traditional forms of marketing are 61% more expensive than the cost per lead with digital marketing? Sounds amazing, right?

Businesses that choose to advertise their product and business on social media spend way less since the pay-per-click (PPC) strategies cut down on unnecessary expenses and target only specific audiences. It’s no wonder why digital marketing campaigns offer a greater and faster ROI.

Scope of Social Media

What do most of us do when we have some time on our hands? Scroll through our phone screens, that’s what! Businesses know that and so they have the potential to reach about 1 million customers on Instagram alone. Facebook can bag up to 9 million consumers. Companies have now started using social media platforms for both B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns.



Analytics help measuring a businesses progress. Suppose you started a campaign or posted a blog. With the help of analytics, you can get accurate data about the success of your strategy for the same after a few weeks. Real-time analytics guide you to make necessary changes in how you take your business forward and improve your strategy. Real-time analysis helps marketers individualize the content that they’re selling to consumer subsets so that response is quicker.

Videos Dominate

The latest researches have found that 74% of consumers in the US alone watch online videos. These statistics show how important videos are and how they dominate the online marketing world. Since most social media platforms support video sharing and hosting options, businesses can integrate video marketing to engage with their consumers and keep them hooked. Since SEO for images and video is a trend now, reaching your ideal customer through videos is now easier than ever.

Adding the relevant keyword, image titles and videos, image text descriptions, etc., all fall under this category. It has become super simple to attract eyeballs to your business. To make that happen, you only have to ensure that the content is not only high-quality and informative but also interactive. Calls-to-action (CTAs) should also be included in your content.


Some aspects of digital marketing that aren’t talked about as much but play a significant role as social media influencers, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, omnichannel marketing, etc. To reach great heights, businesses should try to keep themselves informed about the latest developments in the field of digital marketing and figure out how they can use them for their business.

It is always a wise idea to seek help from agencies that work to benefit such businesses. This has also increased digital marketing jobs as more and more people are drifting towards these fields. Companies continue to grow, and people manage to forward their careers- all because of the various aspects of digital marketing. Because digital marketing is greatly diversified, people with diverse interests and skills easily fit in.

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