A Day In The Life Of A Social & Digital Agency

A Day In The Life Of A Social & Digital Agency

The social and digital world often raises curiosity in the onlookers. It seems like a world the residents of which are vibing to their music. Many seem to want to make this world their career and are curious about what goes on in here. Ever wondered what a day in the life of a social and digital agency looks like? Let us give you a hint: THERE IS NO TYPICAL DAY. What we mean by this is that the scope of work largely varies on a day-to-day basis and depends on factors like the size of the company, whether it is B2B or B2C, its goals, etc.

The usual day at such agencies will depend on your skills, expertise and like all other jobs, it may also involve some redundant activities. This is more common in entry-level positions but once you move to senior positions, your day will include many diverse roles and work.

The most essential you’ll need working in such agencies is speed. You will be expected to complete the tasks fast. People outside this world hardly ever guess the amount of work that goes into making it work. They usually expect the work to be a piece of cake since almost everyone uses Facebook, and so they expect the work to be done in a jiffy. But we know that’s not how it works. Let’s break down a usual day at this job elaborating the details that need to be looked after.


The day starts with emails- receiving and sending. From internal requests to time management to fixing meetings, a lot happens over emails. Scheduling tasks becomes easy when the communication channel is crisp and clear.

Moreover, it gets swifter to check the programmed reports and campaign performance that may have been sent to you for you to figure out where you need to pay more attention. An additional perk is checking the newsletters from various companies to help you keep track of what’s happening in the industry.


Digital marketers have a friend in Google Analytics! They learn it and they love it since it helps them track performance data and ascertain customer patterns. Marketers use that data to find out opportunities where engagement and sales may be increased. In short, creating reports is a big piece of the puzzle of digital marketing.

Another component is the monitoring of the social media channels to check for activity and give appropriate responses wherever required. Active engagement on social media channels is crucial for better performance.

Monitoring also involves checking referral sites for feedback. If the feedback is positive, gratitude for the same should be conveyed. If it is negative, efforts should be made to address the issue as soon as possible. A part of monitoring is also to keep an eye out for competitors to see if there are any changes to be made in the functioning of the company.

Campaign Management and Content Creation

This part is probably the most interesting part and the most detailed as it covers all social media outlets, paid advertising campaigns, content marketing, and more, and making all these components work to meet the goals that have been set through the marketing strategy. For the sound execution of these points, sound planning and communication are necessary.

That includes writing, editing, and producing original content, creating graphics, planning, and scheduling, building email marketing campaigns, and so much more.

After all of the points have been incorporated, measuring their effectiveness to see where improvements need to be made is done. This is done through tracking key performance indicators of KPIs. The final task of campaign management is to measure effectiveness.

Website Management

Website management requires strong skills, and only someone with sound knowledge of HTML will be able to do well in this position. The goal here is to fully maximize SEO management and ensure the proper functioning of all the website pages. Producing content for blogs, landing pages, product information pages, etc. is also a part of website management.

Now that we have described a day in the life of a social and digital agency, it is noteworthy that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Activities such as coordination with various departments (PR, customer service, etc.), collaborating with influencers for outreach, and keeping up the current trends are also overlooked, but quite important ingredients in getting the job done.

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