A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists of either writing or thinking about writing .

Dr. Santosh Singh is an author and her published works are: – ‘Passion for Flames’; ‘Learning Societies – Shifting Patterns’; ‘Combatant Women’; ‘Violence Against Rural Women’; ‘Women Empowerment and Civil society’ in The Indian Women’s Journey- the last Five Decades. She has contributed a number of research articles and stories to national journals, magazines and newspapers. She is focusing on women empowerment, water and sanitation, conflict and gendered violence, panchayati raj and civil society. Currently she is senior fellow of Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.


The website is optimized towards a specific purpose and the focus of was to showcase the authors published work. Since an author, the main focus of the website are books. Making the titles the focus of the site and make “Books” page one-click away from the home page. Make it easy for readers to know more about the books and purchase them by a click.


The website is aimed to highlight author’s writing and published books. So we went for a clean, modern, and refreshing website designs. A green colour scheme that worked well and gave a fresh feel to the site. The whole website is designed keeping in view the love for fresh writing and reading.


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