Social Media Can Help Set the Entire Narrative of a Brand. Through its various social media handles, Livlong is building a desired image and cutting to the chase.

The 21st century has been the most advanced when it comes to healthcare technology, but in hindsight, it has also witnessed numerous unique issues that require solutions beyond traditional solutions. Livlong is a branched out venture of IIFL, which was created with the goal of providing services to a diverse range of people, regardless of age, class, or geography. Livlong is a platform that combines digital accessibility, experience, and algorithms to create a perfect concoction of comprehensive health care services.


In an era dominated by the sporadic rise of various ailments and non-uniform allocation of healthcare services, Livlong is working towards providing the affordability and accessibility of healthcare to all.
One of the biggest challenges is to improve care and lower costs in the wake of delivering healthcare services to the homebound, which might involve elderly, frail, and vulnerable patients.
 Additionally, with the rapid rise of contagious diseases, people are opting for online medical consultation and diagnostic tests at home. The overall aim is to make terms like e-pharmacy and tele-consultation “in-vogue.” In spite of dealing with a consequential topic such as healthcare, Livlong does not want to restrict itself to the shackles of a platform revolving around a grim topic.
On the contrary, it visualises itself as an interactive and relatable brand with a witty tone.


Creating an opportunity to create more consistent branding and brand reputation with an image aligned to the idea of developing an engaging and interesting brand.

This is achieved by incorporating humour, puns, trending topics, and buzz words into the online content across all social media platforms.

Featuring the infographics further entices the audience, which relies heavily on facts and figures. 

All in all, this approach aids in increasing brand awareness and delivering conversions.



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