Being Digital-Marketingly Sound!

Being Digital-Marketingly Sound!

Being Digital-Marketingly Sound!

In the era of traditional marketing, one would explore all possible opportunities to reach out to their target segment. From store activations, branding to prints, radio, and TV, all the verticals of traditional marketing are explored at their best.

With the development of technology and new innovations coming in, the world of marketing has changed! We moved into a world that is more virtually accessible than being physically present; say Hello to the world of Digital Marketing.

The word ‘Digital’ itself explains the vast pitfall that covers jargon like, SEO, SEM, SMM, Online Presence,

Brand Awareness, and much more. Hang on! Don’t be taken aback, we’ll go step by step with one thing at a time, to help you understand ‘Things to remember before you go digital’.

Every time you do something in life, there’s a purpose behind it. The ideas you work with come from the sole reason for doing what you’re doing. Made sense? This brings us to our first step, i.e., Recognising and understanding the purpose of these campaigns.

Recognizing the Right Objective – Every idea or concept you think of should be able to address the objectives – the reason for your doings! From the objective itself, you must see the clarity as to what is the need of the brand?  How will it be benefitting the brand? What is the ROI? Is it a strong enough point(s)?

These objectives help you structure and channelize your way to a solution that helps advertisers estimate the performance of your brand campaigns and their reach. This leads to the consideration factors like engagement, traffic, lead generation, etc. and further to the conversions; ultimately working explicitly towards a brand outcome. 

Selecting the Right Audience – In order to drive the right kind of traffic to your website, you first need to define what kind of audience qualifies as the ‘right audience’ for your brand.

Is it someone who is a 30-year-old man, fond of keeping a beard, lives in a metropolitan city, parties every weekend? Or is it a 20 years old college-goer, who loves fashion, hogs on food, and shops from fast fashion brands?

All platforms give you a variety of options to select from, based on the demographics, psychographics, and other factors contributing to building your TG.

As marketers, we need to keep our ears and eyes open wide all the time, to be able to have limitless opinions and response of our consumers. This will not only enable you to know what all they want but will also help you identify what type of audience falls into. 

SEO, ads campaigns, ad sets, time slots, the balance between branding and marketing, penetration of target audience, type of creative(s), putting the money behind it – everything needs to be channelized. 

Using the Right Platform – With 3.48 billion users of social media itself, the digital platform comes with a huge audience that one can cater to. The digital platform offers many platforms to go with starting from PPC, social media, blogs, mailers, and a lot more.

The selection of the platform depends on what you are promoting and to whom? The traffic is generated organically or by paid promotions but the result depends on the right technique and placement.  The selection of the platform depends on three factors customers, goal, and budget.  

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is used to optimize the online content of your website in other words it is used to get the best results in a given set of search queries.

With ever-changing algorithms, it’s always suggested to use the right set of tags and not go with it the wrong way as it will not take much time to get blacklisted, say no to black hat SEO.

To select the right kind of tags it is necessary to understand the behavior of the right target audience. Try to get into the boots of your target audience and you will always have the answers to the right set of tags.

Dynamic Ad Sets: Ad sets are the set of ads created on the basis of different strategies and digital platform play with Dynamic ad sets that gives you an option to go with a different set of strategies at the same time and experiment with a various set of phrases, creative and content and let you know a set of combination that works the best for you.

With a dynamic audience and their taste and preference, it is very difficult to find out the right strategy that works best for the product and manages to get the right response from the audience.

What works today may not work tomorrow, the reason why dynamic ad sets always come as an escape route.

No sector survives or competes in the market without adopting a proper digital marketing strategy. A standard growth in business is dicey without accepting this ultramodern sale.

Companies, who have understood this business essentiality, are getting ahead of their nearest competitors in the market. Digital marketing is the future of business.

Author: Hardik Chauhan, Director – REVAMP

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