How to drive web traffic to your website in 2021

How to drive web traffic to your website in 2021

How to drive web traffic to your website in 2021

The most effective digital marketing strategy is the one that is able to attract free traffic to website. Users that visit your website are counted as traffic. Google analytics helps in finding out the unique page views. More traffic is directly proportional to more conversion rate. If you want revenue for the business, then it is important to know some techniques that can help you to get traffic to your website free.

How to increase organic traffic?

Organic traffic


We have covered some of the major strategies that the businesses employ to get free traffic to website:

  • Optimize your website

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Find out the keywords that are relevant for the website that matches the searcher’s intent. Use these keywords in the content in a natural way to make it optimized for search engines and audience. Boost in rankings will increase the organic traffic to the website.


  • Update the content regularly

The freshness of the content also plays a major role in increasing the traffic. Removing outdated content and adding fresh information can be helpful for the users. The chances of ranking on the first page may increase with this strategy.


  • Build backlinks

Create backlinks from high-quality websites to increase the authority of your website. This improves the SEO and attracts more visitors to the website. For optimizing the website, you may take help from digital marketing agencies like The REVAMP as they know how to increase organic traffic.

Link builing backlink


  • Competitor analysis

If you want to know how to drive traffic to your website, then competitor analysis can be a good idea. There are many tools available online where you can get the data related to the marketing channels of the competitors and their different traffic sources.


  • Quizzes with shareable results

Quizzes can be an excellent way to generate more leads. Whenever any user completes the quiz, they can be given the option of sharing results. This increases the reach of your website to more people.


  • Contests and giveaways

How to get website traffic? Consider giveaways! Giveaways can be a part of your marketing strategy. This compels people to visit the website. Host some interesting contests with some attractive gifts and a lot of difference can be seen in the traffic.


    • Guest Postingguest posting

This is an amazing technique to build backlinks and attract referral traffic from various high-authority websites. If you manage to get a link from a good website with high traffic, the number of visitors to your website also increases.


  • Forums

Actively participate in different communities and forums to get traffic to your website free. Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers are some of the popular platforms where you can discuss various topics and leave a link to your website to attract web traffic.


Email marketing to get traffic to your website free

To know how to get website traffic from email marketing, you must know the technique of building the subscribers list. Lead magnets help in increasing the subscriber base. There are many email marketing tools where you can send regular newsletters to promote the products and services with the links.

email marketing to get traffic


  • Experiment with different social media channels

Social media platforms can be the answer to ‘how to get website traffic. Facebook tops the list of social media platforms when it comes to range and number of audience. Share the content and promote the products on Facebook to drive more traffic. Facebook groups, messenger, and Facebook ads can be very useful.

Instagram has grown to become one of the most useful social media platforms used for business promotion. The power of influencers can help in getting more leads while Instagram stories, posts, and photos keep the audience engaged. Traffic can also be increased with a link in the bio option.

right social media platform for your business

LinkedIn can be used to share the PR news. Videos show better results on this platform. Here the traffic rate may be steady than Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter is a nice platform to amplify the speed of sharing information about your website or product. The retweet option can increase the audience reach and conversion rate.


  • Run paid campaigns

How to increase organic traffic without waiting for long? Try paid campaigns. Facebook ads, Quora ads, Twitter Ads and Google ads are some ways to get quick traffic and increase brand awareness.

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  • Add social share buttons on website

   Adding social share buttons with blogs, videos and different forms of content increases the audience reach and clicks. Understanding how to drive traffic to your website is important to earn revenue.




The above mentioned are some points on how to drive traffic to your website. There are tons of ways to get free traffic to websites such as social media platforms, email marketing, search engine optimization, and so on. These methods increase the clicks on the website which results in increased revenue.

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